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About Us

Re·store: to fix, make new, to give back.

About Us

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Re·store: to fix, bring back, make new (a previous right, practice, custom, or situation); reinstate.

Restoration Homes is a business that restores homes while positively impacting people. Whether it be the homeowner, contractors or potential buyers, we want to leave a lasting effect on their life. Although the outcome may look different for each home, the heart of our business is to deliver second chances and empathy to everyone involved.

We help homeowners sell their homes and sell them fast in the New England area. Our cash offers ensure that you do not have to worry about paying for repairs, inspections, agent fees, closing costs, inconvenient open houses or wasted hours trying to perfectly stage your home for people who might only be getting their feet wet by looking at houses on the market.

Deciding to sell your house for cash is a tough decision that our specialists take very seriously. By contacting us you are under no obligation to work with us and we will only advise you to go this route if it's mutually beneficial.

We believe in offering solutions that are sympathetic to each person's situation.

We believe in treating others how we’d want to be treated. At its core, helping distressed homeowners find solutions to their problems can be accomplished with compassion and fairness for all parties.

While many home buying companies may focus on acquiring your home using pushy tactics, we focus on how we can help you find relief from your current situation. You may have a home in need of extensive repairs. Maybe you’re behind on payments and unsure of what to do. Perhaps you’ve inherited a home that you want to sell quickly. Whatever the situation is, we want to walk with you in it.

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